Week #44. 2018. Quiet week – odd weather.

I came across a reference to Tommy Goodwin this week.  Tommy was a Brit who cycled 120,805 kilometers in one year back in 1939.  Carrying on to May 1940 he covered 160,000 kilometers, dismounted, learnt how to walk again, joined the RAF and went to fight for his country.

Tommy’s record stood until 2015 when Kurt Searvogel of the USA cycled 122,432 ks in one year.  That was then eclipsed in 2017 when 24 year old Amanda Coker also of the USA pedalled 138,517.2 ks in the year.  She also then continued on to blitz the 160,000 k record.

Here I am attempting to cover 5,200 ks in 2018; I feel rather overshadowed by these cycling greats !!

Interesting point.  The rules for such record attempts don’t specify bike type.  Amanda cycled using road bikes, MTBs and recumbents to get her record.  She used the different style bikes to rest different muscle groups.

This week has been a matter of “what’s the weather today?”, “what’s the best time to ride?” and “can I ride?”.  The forecasts have been for windy and/or wet mornings or afternoons with the odd electrical storm thrown in but I managed to get a few rides in around the Norfolk Plains.

Some comments about the week.

There are still lots of the caterpillars crossing the roads heading from one paddock to another (the grass is greener over there).


I have looked them up on the ‘net but not found a match as yet.  I suspect they are up to no good.

The Magpies around here eye up passing cyclists but don’t seem to be swooping much so far.  I understand the “let’s poke the cyclist’s eye out” season is in full swing on the mainland.  I am wondering if they are put off swooping on me by the odd profile of the trike (“what the hell is that?”) and the flags on the back.  Similarly the Masked Lapwings just watch me cycle past without having a go.  Is there something in the water this year – it’s just too quiet !!

Along Wilmore’s Lane there is a large stand of pine trees.  The pine cones must be just right for Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoos to bite into.  They are in the trees in large numbers ripping the cones to pieces and squarking to each other gloating about their findings so there is a bit of noise after all.

I had a very pleasant interlude Thursday morning.  Cycling back into Longford I passed a paddock and noticed a couple of horses cantering about causing the rabbits to take to cover.  Closer to me was a large echidna poking about finding tasty morsels in the grass.  I was able to watch it for some time and it didn’t seem concerned with the horses at play.

All around the hawthorn hedges are now in full leaf and flower.  There is a lot of white flower and some pink.  It should be a bumper berry season this autumn.  They also make a good wind-break.

Hawthorn Blossom

Coffeeneuring #4 – Tasmanian Country Bakehouse, Perth

Stormclouds over Longford 2 small

The storm clouds hung over Longford but when the lightning stopped I headed to Perth.  I hoped for a break in the weather that would allow a short ride to the new Bakery in town.

Brompton in the boot small

Too wet for Magnum I took Brompton instead.  It has an effective set of mudguards and flaps that keep the water off the rider.  I.E. Me.  Starting at the Devon Hills turnoff I cycled into Perth.  The rain was light, the wind on my back and the riding fast.

Tasmanian Country Bakehouse small

At the Bakehouse the best thing about it was the awning that sheltered Brompton and, in particular, the leather saddle.  You can see the rain on the lens in this pic.  The Bakehouse was opened recently by a guy who used to be a famous name in Tassie for his meat pies.  Unfortunately (for my taste) he hasn’t kept up with the times and is producing something that harks back to the style of last century.  Grinders coffee is OK but why don’t they use Ritual roasted in Launceston I wonder.

Coffee shot small

This is how it is served when you say you want to eat in.  Before the challenge ends I will try the new cafe, Saltaire, across the road which is said to be good.

BTW:  There is a map showing where the Coffeeneurs are drinking their coffee.  It is accessible via the Coffeeneuring Facebook Group home page – Announcements.  My rides are now logged on the map.  I am still the southernmost Coffeeneur.

Total for week :    116 k                   Total for year :  4,413 k  

Brompton :    11 k                            Magnum :  105 k   

Author: antc1946

Born in 1946 I learnt to cycle about 10 years later. On a bike with rods connecting brake levers to the brakes - anyone remember those? I emigrated to Australia (from the UK) in 1974 and moved to Tasmania in 1984. Bicycles were in my life for most of that time although sometimes they were replaced by motorised two wheels for a bit more excitement. On reaching 70 I decided to stick to pedal power but in 2019 an electric recumbent made an appearance. it's now 2023 and I have 3 bikes. 2 e-recumbents and the Brompton.

2 thoughts on “Week #44. 2018. Quiet week – odd weather.”

  1. Hi Tony,
    The Alunya is slowly getting used to it’s new owner,no long distance trips but getting up a few kms and increasing my speed slowly. There are now three greenspeeds in swan Hill and two other recumbents,one a two wheeler. I have joined a club of ‘different’ cyclists, a few eyebrows have been raised.
    Thanks again for your packing and providing of the illustrated how to assemble manual and the other info on the memory stick. I fell on my feet purchasing from you.
    We have another interest in common, although you take it more seriously than me.
    My interest in coffee was fuelled by buying coffee from the original owner of Grinders in Lygon Street Carlton. I actually asked him what he would recommend for a beginner coffee drinker and he mixed me some fresh roasted beans , half light and half dark Santos. A lot of water under the bridge since then.Over fifty years ago!!!
    Thanks again for your help.


    1. Hi Brian. Really pleased you are happy with the Anura (have you renamed it to Alunya – Cat Girl?) and with the way it got to you. Your speed / duration will develop – you have followed my trike journey and will know it takes time to develop the muscles for recumbenting. I have a small hill in Longford I used to assess my improvement week by week. The biggest improvement came when I took the trike into the LBS and they stopped one of the rear brakes binding !!

      Re “a few eyebrows have been raised” – Initially the local lycra here seemed bemused by the trike. Now they have got used to seeing it and I get plenty of waves and smiles – probably of the “poor old bloke but at least he is getting out!” type.

      Anyway – all the best. keep safe and may it rain most nights in your area. Tony


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