Week #43 – 2018. Plus Coffeeneuring #3

Sadly, some people dump rubbish by the roadside.  The council’s are doing more to clean up and I do a little by picking up bottles to prevent glass from being spread about.  I just wish the minority who dump would think before they throw.

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Week #36 2018 – Quite a good week

Quite a good cycling week.  The end result is the kilometre count is back over 100k, the brakes on the trike are fixed and the cucumber sandwiches and G & T’s were enjoyed  in the sun after the Tweed Ride.

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Week #26 2018 – ‘ere we go, ‘ere we go, ‘ere we go !

Quote of the week from somewhere in the netverse :

Never engage recumbent cyclists in conversation about their outlandish machines. They’re referred to as ‘bents’ for good reason. They’ll extol the virtues of their bicycles until your eyes glaze over. You’ll wish that, like a muskrat, you could gnaw off a limb in order to escape.

Sorry dear readers, I will try to keep the evangelical recumbent nonsense to a minimum.

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Week # 24 2018 – Rain almost stopped play

Moving away from the chill mornings, this week has been a little damp.  Luckily a lot of the rain fell overnight and I was able to cycle around the damp patches.

One good Armstrong’s Lane 40k loop was ridden early which always gives a good boost to the weekly total.  The remainder of the 100k for the week was made up of local rides plus the Greenspeed on the cycle path – all of which I have discussed before.

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