March 2022 – Wrap

It’s been a good month and first quarter 2022 for cycling, allowing me to finish it with 33% of the annual challenge completed. That will be needed when winter comes in and riding reduces. The March total shows as “Goal Not Met” at 88% complete. That’s because I set it at 750 kilometres expecting to ride the Edge of The World trip – which was, of course, cancelled due to covid. After being a little demotivated in February it was good to be back in the saddle and enjoying the cycling.

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February 2022 Wrap

February started pretty good weatherwise. Sunny, warm days not exceeding low 30°Cs, low humidity and little wind. It doesn’t get much better. Then, later in the month, the air began to cool down. It felt Autumnal. One day I dug out my winter gloves and leggings before riding. Two days later it was back to summer wear but now it’s raining. Nothing like northern NSW or Brisbane, just enough to impact riding plans.

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