Evandale – Penny Farthing Races 2019

Here we are. North-Eastern Tasmania at Evandale attending the National Penny Farthing Championships once more. I decided I would like to ride in the Grand Parade this year and so needed to get the trike there. What better way than to ride it?

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Week #48. 2018. Still managing the weather.

A successful week but mainly retracing wheel ruts often discussed in these pages.  The main thing is I am happy to have had another good week distance-wise and am closing in on my 2018 challenge to self of cycling 5,200 kilometers in the year.

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Week #46. 2018. Sally’s Ride

I emailed the organisers a couple of weeks ago asking if recumbents were OK.  No reply.  This week the ride was getting closer so I downloaded the route information and the rules and regs.  In the rules and regs it became clear that recumbents are only allowed to enter the 45k ride.  So that’s what I did.

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