The Last Leg of The Tour

Sue is still feeling the effects of vertigo and the exercises are not “fixing” it, so it will be good to get home.

The drive down from Temora to Wangaratta started on the Goldfields Way which became the Olympic Highway and then on the Hume Highway.  The Olympic Highway is so named because back in 1963 part of the route was used to carry the Olympic flame down to Melbourne for the Olympic Games.  The Goldfields Way led to Wagga Wagga and was quite busy with people heading into Wagga for Saturday chores, all wanting to overtake this pesky caravan.  After Wagga things settled down and I was able to watch them rushing along towards Wagga on the other side of the road.

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Short ride to Eldorado

Wednesday 11th July.  Out to Eldorado.

Grey and cold.  It had been clear and frosty overnight but now the frost had gone but temperatures  were not being nice.  I got rugged up in cycling gear and windproof top and set off to cycle to Eldorado where I was to meet Sue for lunch.

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First short ride on the Murray to Mountains Rail Trail

Wangaratta.  The name is derived from the Bpangerang people’s words of “Wanga” meaning long neck and “ratta” the Cormorant.  Who put them together, I know not.

Tuesday 10th July dawned frosty but with a clear sky and the sun warming things up.  Not for Wangaratta the fogs and frosts of Longford it seems.

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