VTR – Myrtleford to Wangaratta

Back to Wangaratta: An in-ride decision to miss out a night at Everton

Friday April 7, 2017, 57 km (35 miles) – Total so far: 624 km (388 miles)

It took some time to get the tent dry this morning. Not that it rained overnight, rather it was a bit misty so the moisture in the air prevented the moisture from me getting absorbed – so it was all over the inside of the flysheet.

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VRT – Around Myrtleford

Around Myrtleford: Just a look around town before setting out back to Wangaratta

Thursday April 6, 2017, 11 km (7 miles) – Total so far: 567 km (352 miles)

A day to “kill” in Myrtleford. Going to the shops I met the cycling family again. They are off to Everton today and then Wangaratta where they also will be staying at Painters Island.

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