Cycling in Tasmania and, maybe, beyond

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Well, this year I will be continuing to aim at cycling 100+ kilometers each week.  In 2017 100k did not occur every week but it is good to have a target to aim at.

I think in modern parlance I have an aspiration – something that sounds good to tell people about but which you know you will not meet !  We shall see.


Week #38 – fixing mechanical problem

I expected the replacement freewheel to arrive later in the week so, to get the kilometers in and hit the 3,500 k number this week, I rode the Bishopsbourne, Armstrong Lane loop first and, the next day, out to Carrick.  The Armstrong Lane loop is interesting.  Why does it always seems hillier going anticlockwise through Bishopsbourne than going clockwise?  I have recently tackled it both ways and I still don’t know.  Obviously the climbing and descents must be the same but it certainly feels less hilly turning left off Bishopsbourne Road and looping clockwise.

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Week #36 2018 – Quite a good week

Quite a good cycling week.  The end result is the kilometre count is back over 100k, the brakes on the trike are fixed and the cucumber sandwiches and G & T’s were enjoyed  in the sun after the Tweed Ride.

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Back to “Normal”

But first, I recently found this slide converted to JPG.  It was my first Sydney bike back in the mid ’70s.  The picture reminds me of unit (apartment) living, bike inside on wet days and bush walking (backpack).  The continuous printed stationery on the bike rack shows the way we programmed computers then – input by punched card and output as a roll of paper.  Ah, those were the days – no screens, all hard copy.  I can remember carefully attaching the printout to rack in case the whole thing unrolled along Dowling Street on the way to Waterloo.

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The Last Leg of The Tour

Sue is still feeling the effects of vertigo and the exercises are not “fixing” it, so it will be good to get home.

The drive down from Temora to Wangaratta started on the Goldfields Way which became the Olympic Highway and then on the Hume Highway.  The Olympic Highway is so named because back in 1963 part of the route was used to carry the Olympic flame down to Melbourne for the Olympic Games.  The Goldfields Way led to Wagga Wagga and was quite busy with people heading into Wagga for Saturday chores, all wanting to overtake this pesky caravan.  After Wagga things settled down and I was able to watch them rushing along towards Wagga on the other side of the road.

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Gilgandra, Parkes to Temora

This part of the trip is basically caravan touring because I have had waitlist success and will be on the Ferry to Tasmania on the 21st August.  This means getting to Melbourne by then.  Of course I could just hit the road and drive long distances each day  – but given the timeframe there is no need.

Screen Shot 2018-08-15 at 07.54.54

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