Cycling in Tasmania and, sometimes, beyond

In 2018 I was able to rise to the challenge of riding an average of 100k per week for the year.  

In 2019 I ride from Melbourne to Adelaide starting mid-March.  This went OK so I aimed to cycle 600ks a month, 6000k in 2019, in order to keep fit. This happened – although with the introduction of an electric bike mid 2019.

The task in early 2020 was to prepare for another Victorian Rail Trail adventure in March/April but then COVID-19 happened. We have re-scheduled that trip now to Feb/March 2021 when all Australian States should have opened the borders again and, just maybe, a vaccine is available.

So now for 2020 I am just focussing on riding 100k a week over winter in prep for some camping tours starting in Spring (late 2020). Of course until further notice, all riding will be solo or with one other only.

Here’s how things are going :

Preparing for Touring

The weather is still at odds and ends, cold one day and good the next but, we want to tour. Let’s get the panniers loaded and start the season with a good S24O. There was a plan for a few days away starting tomorrow but the rain is coming in and plans to hang around until Wednesday. Some dry areas on the mainland had a good soaking yesterday – looks like our rain starts this evening.

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Enjoying (TV) cycling

It’s been a good week. Being retired I can view TV when I want and this week our multi-cultural TV channel (SBS) has been streaming a daily prĂ©cis of both the Tour de France and the Giro Rosa. What a way to start the day, coffee in hand, watching cycling nobility, male and female. Inspiring and more to follow next week. Go Richie (Porte).

OK – what has this inspired me to do? Anything?

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