Cycling in Tasmania and, sometimes, beyond

In 2018 I was able to rise to the challenge of riding an average of 100k per week for the year.  

My initial challenge to self in 2019 was to ride from Melbourne to Adelaide starting mid-March.  This went OK so I am now trying to cycle 600ks a month, 6,000 in 2019 in order to keep fit and be ready for another Victorian cycling adventure next Autumn.

Here’s how things are going :

A bit of this and that and a name for Blue Magnum

This picture has absolutely nothing to do with recent cycling. It is a sculpture from Strathalbyn in South Australia featuring one of their ‘sons’, Kenny Blake. A famous motorcycle racer who won 11 championships in the 1970s and competed at the Isle of Man. During his retirement race at the IOM in 1981 his machine aquaplaned, slid off the road and Kenny was killed.

This sculpture is a 1:1 scale model of bike and rider, made of motorcycle parts and tools but no part is where it should be. Enlarge the picture. Take a close look. See how clever it is. Why shown here? Because it’s a work of art. Why this week? I found the picture when looking through my South Australia photograph album on a grey Monday morning this week.

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