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First things first.  I am a retired bloke, getting on a bit with a max pedalling output around the 100 watt mark I should think.  So if you want to read of fast, long rides – go and look elsewhere!

This blog is about day rides, overnight camp rides and the occasional longer trips in Tasmania (and sometimes the Australian mainland) when all the stars align.

Screen Shot 2018-01-26 at 9.08.50 AM

Just so you know.  Tasmania is an island State of Australia – floating south of the main Australian island continent.

In recent years my bicycle collection has been reduced to two but then popped back up to 3.  Today I am riding a Greenspeed recumbent, a Magnum XL, the second is a Brompton and third is a Bike E. Very different bikes but overnight touring on any of them is possible.  The change to recumbent riding was driven by increasing arthritis but it’s just sooo comfortable I wish I had changed earlier.


Brompton at Salamanca, Hobart


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