The Last Leg of The Tour

Sue is still feeling the effects of vertigo and the exercises are not “fixing” it, so it will be good to get home.

The drive down from Temora to Wangaratta started on the Goldfields Way which became the Olympic Highway and then on the Hume Highway.  The Olympic Highway is so named because back in 1963 part of the route was used to carry the Olympic flame down to Melbourne for the Olympic Games.  The Goldfields Way led to Wagga Wagga and was quite busy with people heading into Wagga for Saturday chores, all wanting to overtake this pesky caravan.  After Wagga things settled down and I was able to watch them rushing along towards Wagga on the other side of the road.

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Short ride to Eldorado

Wednesday 11th July.  Out to Eldorado.

Grey and cold.  It had been clear and frosty overnight but now the frost had gone but temperatures  were not being nice.  I got rugged up in cycling gear and windproof top and set off to cycle to Eldorado where I was to meet Sue for lunch.

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First short ride on the Murray to Mountains Rail Trail

Wangaratta.  The name is derived from the Bpangerang people’s words of “Wanga” meaning long neck and “ratta” the Cormorant.  Who put them together, I know not.

Tuesday 10th July dawned frosty but with a clear sky and the sun warming things up.  Not for Wangaratta the fogs and frosts of Longford it seems.

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Week #27 2018 – EOW rain and stats

The picture is an old one ‘cos I didn’t take any at Yarra Junction.  When we lived in Sydney in the 70’s and the weekend was going to be 40°C plus we had an annual event to lilo the canyon at Mt. Wilson.  We will pass Mt Wilson on this trip and nostalgia is kicking in.

Back to the now.  On leaving Melbourne we went to Yarra Junction via Knoxfield.  Why?  Well Greenspeed, the recumbent trike manufacturers are there and I wanted to pick up a rear rack for the Anura.  Via email, Wendy the Office Manager had told me they had some but when we got there the rack she selected would not fit an Anura.  During the discussion Ian Sims, trike designer and Mr Greenspeed, came in and he showed us around.  Rather mouth-watering to see packed rooms containing a variety of brand new trikes, some being assembled and some good to go.  Ian came up with an idea as to how we could fit a different rack to the back of Anura, pulled a brand new Anura out of it’s storage and checked and we left with a rack and a bag of fittings.  Thanks Ian and Wendy.

We continued on to Yarra Junction and found the Caravan Park to be alongside the Yarra and very “bushy”. It has everything but that everything is a bit old and tired.  EG nice new basins and taps in the amenities but the building itself has seen better days.  In the showers if someone was using the Laundry then the shower water went hot / cold in sync with the washing machine.  No WiFi!!

The sun is out,

The sky is blue,

……….  but not at Yarra Junction

‘cos rain spoils the view.

With apologies to the Late Great Buddy Holly.

Now on our site all we needed was the rain to stop so I could cycle the Lilydale to Warburton mixed purpose rail trail.  The rain didn’t let up, the trail was probably too sticky for 16” wheels and I didn’t fancy cleaning the bike after – so the ride idea was dropped.  While checking the trail I saw several people walking dogs and numerous people jogging, all in the rain.  Is it the case that you choose to live out of Melbourne for sanity reasons and at the weekend you get out and about and do you thing whatever the weather ‘cos on Monday you know you are back in the car or on the train and heading into Melbourne to work? I don’t know.  In the caravan park we saw kids cycling and playing on the playground equipment – in the rain.  One guy and his son were even flying a drone!  Although impressed by their attitude I had a cold, it was wet, I read a Kinky Friedman book instead.

Hoping for better times at Wangaratta.

Total for week :   81 k            Total for year :  2,755 k              

Vivente :   0 k                     Brompton :   81 k                  Anura : 0 k