February 2019 Wrap

February continued pretty much as January with plenty of riding in the Norfolk Plains. Things were a little awkward as the main link road (Bishopsbourne Road) was undergoing renovations and the top surface was removed, deep dropaways at the edges created and rocks were added as road base. The rocks were difficult to cycle over so Bishopsbourne, Bracknell, Carrick etc were inaccessible unless the trike was carted over the roadworks in the car.

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Week #46, 2018. Challenges, Challenges galore.

The Cycle365 website hosts a variety of cycle related Challenges.  So at the moment I am tackling my personal challenge of riding 5,200 kilometers by 31st December as well as Coffeeneuring and the November “Do something for your Community” challenge.  Luckily they sort of slot together by completing multi-purpose rides!

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