Week 6. Part 1. A Ride to Ross

It just had to be done.  I have been wondering if I am fit enough to ride to Ross for a while now – sod it, let’s find out.

Ride with GPS Longford to Ross

The plan.  To use the Macquarie Road backroad and then a gravel shortcut through to the Midland Highway coming out close to the Ross turnoff.  This will be the longest fully equiped ride I have done – if I get there!  Around the 70k mark.

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Week 5, 2018, including an overnight Deloraine cycle/camp.


To begin :

Monday opened after the warmest overnight temp for some years.  To our north, Melbourne had a minimum of 28°C while we had 24°C overnight with high(ish) humidity to get us started.  I rode an extended Bishopsbourne Road loop out of Longford (20k) and then had a welcome cool shower.  On the road were hundreds of dead dragonflies.  Maybe the warm night drove them into an orgiastic frenzy and they were now paying the price!

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