2018. Week 7. Bits and Pieces

A different start to the week.

In January 2017 Robert Marchand set a new cycling record for his age group.  In fact, a new category had to be created for him.  At 105 years old he had cycled a verified 22.547 kilometers in one hour around the French national velodrome in Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines west of Paris to set his record.  Since reading that I have been wondering how many I can knock out at the Longford velodrome.  So on Monday I took the Brompton along and had a go.

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Week 4, 2018. Including a “magic” ride

Total for week :  132k              Total for year :  365k

Vivente :   101k                          Brompton :   31k

The weather this week has been up close to 30°C early in the week and got hotter as the week went on – eventually we even had a 36°C day with a strong dose of humidity to flatten our spirits.

Longford Loop 1

Early morning – getting ready for a day harvesting along Bishopsbourne Road.

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