VRT – Around Myrtleford

Around Myrtleford: Just a look around town before setting out back to Wangaratta

Thursday April 6, 2017, 11 km (7 miles) – Total so far: 567 km (352 miles)

A day to “kill” in Myrtleford. Going to the shops I met the cycling family again. They are off to Everton today and then Wangaratta where they also will be staying at Painters Island.

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VRT – Myrtleford – Bright – Myrtleford

To the end of the trail: Myrtleford to Bright and back to Myrtleford

Wednesday April 5, 2017, 63 km (39 miles) – Total so far: 556 km (345 miles)

Another terrific cycling day dawned. Initially quite cold at 6C but with no wind. Breakfast muesli at camp, coffee and raisin toast at Ruby’s in Myrtleford and then I was warm enough to get going.

The above map describes the route through the Ovens River valley up to Bright. Today I will be climbing to get there and descending to get back. Not much of a climb though!

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