Introduction: What’s going on here then?

I began blogging in the pages of a website called crazyguyonabike (CGOAB). I started with posts in a section called “Bicycle Life” and there I documented my riding adventures as I recovered from surgery for prostate cancer in 2014. By 2017 I was fit, had ridden a number of 2-3 day rides and was ready for a proper tour.

Before I left CGOAB and began my own blog I downloaded all my entries as files but have never uploaded them into this blog. In fact, the detail of the Rail Trails tour disappeared amid a heap of other files on the computer.

Guess what – I just found them!

So, I would like to gradually add the Victorian Rail Trail tour of 2017 to this blog and enjoy a nostalgic recreation of the tour while imagining Colin and I cycling the same area in, perhaps, March 2022.

Unfortunately I can’t add this historical information without the blog raising notifications – so expect a few extra blog posts over the next week or so.

Let’s begin.

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