Week #38 – fixing mechanical problem

I expected the replacement freewheel to arrive later in the week so, to get the kilometers in and hit the 3,500 k number this week, I rode the Bishopsbourne, Armstrong Lane loop first and, the next day, out to Carrick.  The Armstrong Lane loop is interesting.  Why does it always seems hillier going anticlockwise through Bishopsbourne than going clockwise?  I have recently tackled it both ways and I still don’t know.  Obviously the climbing and descents must be the same but it certainly feels less hilly turning left off Bishopsbourne Road and looping clockwise.

Screen Shot 2018-09-17 at 14.02.27

On Monday the weather was windy and showery – Spring!!  At certain places on the ride the wind was a serious boost as can be seen with a Max Speed of 57kph!!  Chalk it up – that’s the current record for Anura and I.  3 kph more will beat the 60kph achieved by Brompton and I at Gunnedah.  The 57kph was achieved downhill (obviously) at a point where it’s normally good to get 45 kph.  I believe the seat on the trike acts like a sail so a tailwind has a greater effect than on a 2 wheeler.  I don’t know if the winds hit the forecasted 45kph on Monday but they were quite noticeable.  (57kph?  Not sure that the GPS based stats were right after all – the bike computer shows 51kph which is probably correct).

grey sky

Tuesday saw Anura and I riding to Carrick via Bracknell.

Screen Shot 2018-09-22 at 09.05.46

Once again the wind was ablowing and the skies looked threatening the whole ride.

BB clouds small

Pedalling at a slow pace, spinning up the hills and along the straights into the headwind that comprised the first half of the ride I had no knee pain.  It’s slow going though!  Sue had made me a nicely packed lunch which was again taken by the Carrick amenities block.


Back on the road to Bishopsbourne the wind was a tailwind and the scenery went past at a much better speed.  Arriving home I was pleased to see it was a 61k ride due to taking in Carrick main street while I was there.  A first for recumbenting Tony – a 60k ride.

So, after getting the weekly 100k in by Wednesday, I then dismantled the trike to remove the diff / freewheel assembly.


The back end without wheels, brakes, chain and axle.

The old freewheel actually had two broken teeth as well as the bent ones – no wonder I have always had trouble changing gear.  The freewheel screws onto the diff and I was unable to hold the diff while trying to unscrew the freewheel.  The instructions say put the axle in and hold the disk brake lugs in a large vice.  Well, because it’s a diff there was no way to stop the diff turning!  So I took the unit to the Men’s Shed where a bloke with a mechanical engineering background had a look.  We weren’t game to just clamp the diff in a huge vice and they suggested making up a plate to bolt onto the back of the diff to hold it steady.  But then they got cagey, became worried about stripping the inside of the freewheel and directed me to a bike shop in Launceston “who know about these things”.  They didn’t!  I don’t think the young mechanics in there had ever seen a freewheel.

In the end I took up Ian Sim’s (Mr Greenspeed) offer to separate the two.  I boxed it up and despatched it overnight to Melbourne, the units were separated on Thursday and back with me on Friday.

After riding the Brompton along the regular River Road ride, I put everything back together Friday afternoon.  It rides OK but the gears need a bit of adjusting which will be my task for today (Saturday).

Now, I will close the journal here and update riding totals for the week – a day early.


Well, this experience with the Anura has made me unwilling to undertake any large tours away from good support in case of more freewheel issues.  Riding the Anura has got me “into” recumbent striking and I had been thinking of changing to a more modern, tadpole trike for the proposed Adelaide to Melbourne trip next autumn anyway.  A glance through the Gumtree classified ads turned up a Greenspeed Magnum for sale in Melbourne.  It has cassette gears and while the age is not known it can’t have been built before 2012 – so a much more modern trike.  Sue said “Go for it”.  I am flying over to check it out tomorrow!


More next week !

Total for weeks :   125 k            Total for year :  3,564 k           

Vivente :   0 k                     Brompton :  25   k                  Anura : 100  k

Author: antc1946

Born in 1946 I learnt to cycle about 10 years later. On a bike with rods connecting brake levers to the brakes - anyone remember those? I emigrated to Australia (from the UK) in 1974 and moved to Tasmania in 1984. Bicycles were in my life for most of that time although sometimes they were replaced by motorised two wheels for a bit more excitement. On reaching 70 I decided to stick to pedal power but in 2019 an electric recumbent made an appearance. It is good!

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