2018 Week #18 cycling report

An awkward week with weather and spare time not synchronising well.  As a result the target of 100k was NOT reached.  Bike E trips around Longford were done plus further trips on Brompton but only 1 ride of interest detailed below.

BUT the bicycle garage cum woodwork shop cum storage of everything and anything has been sorted.  New shelves installed.  The space left by the canoe (now sold) kept clear and everything changed about to give me a working workshop once more.  How long will it stay tidy?  Who knows.

The vegetable beds need work to move them into winter with a good green crop growing ready to dig in.  So far I have removed all crops bar the tomatoes ready for a dig over.  That seemed too energetic so hasn’t been done yet.  There are also an ever growing number of jobs to do in the rest of the garden to tidy it up for winter.  The problem is I prefer cycling!

Then I had a little look on Gumtree (the Australian On-Line Classifieds) and wow! what’s this?  A Greenspeed Anura “frog” recumbent trike?  Looks like it but I bet it’s up in Queensland or over in WA.  Nope – it’s a hop and a skip away from the ferry terminal in Melbourne!  So I had to check it out.  Finally worked out that it is an original model with a diff and gear assembly that is no longer made.  I checked this out with a guy who used to do research and development for Greenspeed and all is OK.  The system can be renovated when it becomes necessary.  So – next Thursday I am flying over, checking the trike and buying if it passes inspection.  Back home Thursday night on the ferry with a booking “Pensioner plus 1 bicycle”.  Perhaps it should read “silly old fart”.  More next week.


We took the caravan away for a couple of nights to check out changes before we set off for 2 months in it in July.  Good thing we did as there is now a list of lots of things to do before we go.  BUT I did manage to get a ride in while we were staying at Latrobe.  I also took a bridge picture for the Cycle365 website monthly challenge.  This is a video of the ride – but I suggest you don’t watch it if you suffer from epilepsy as the speeded up images flash a bit.  Ride : The Bluff to Latrobe.  Oh – it’s a bit pixelly, I am still learning but you will get the idea.  The dog at the end is, of course, Oscar who enjoyed our caravan trip immensely.  Although it sounds like I have an electric motor attached to the bike I can assure you this is not so.

Total for week :  71 k            Total for year :  1,945 k  (Will I ever click over the 2,000?)

Vivente :  0 k      (!)              Brompton :   42 k                    Bike E : 29 k