2018. Week 7. Bits and Pieces

A different start to the week.

In January 2017 Robert Marchand set a new cycling record for his age group.  In fact, a new category had to be created for him.  At 105 years old he had cycled a verified 22.547 kilometers in one hour around the French national velodrome in Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines west of Paris to set his record.  Since reading that I have been wondering how many I can knock out at the Longford velodrome.  So on Monday I took the Brompton along and had a go.

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Week 6. Part 1. A Ride to Ross

It just had to be done.  I have been wondering if I am fit enough to ride to Ross for a while now – sod it, let’s find out.

Ride with GPS Longford to Ross

The plan.  To use the Macquarie Road backroad and then a gravel shortcut through to the Midland Highway coming out close to the Ross turnoff.  This will be the longest fully equiped ride I have done – if I get there!  Around the 70k mark.

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Week 5, 2018, including an overnight Deloraine cycle/camp.


To begin :

Monday opened after the warmest overnight temp for some years.  To our north, Melbourne had a minimum of 28°C while we had 24°C overnight with high(ish) humidity to get us started.  I rode an extended Bishopsbourne Road loop out of Longford (20k) and then had a welcome cool shower.  On the road were hundreds of dead dragonflies.  Maybe the warm night drove them into an orgiastic frenzy and they were now paying the price!

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Week 4, 2018. Including a “magic” ride

Total for week :  132k              Total for year :  365k

Vivente :   101k                          Brompton :   31k

The weather this week has been up close to 30°C early in the week and got hotter as the week went on – eventually we even had a 36°C day with a strong dose of humidity to flatten our spirits.

Longford Loop 1

Early morning – getting ready for a day harvesting along Bishopsbourne Road.

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Week 2, 2018

Total for Week = 39 kilometres : Brompton.  Total for year = 154

Some time ago I tried to ride the Tasman Bridge and got there to find the cycle tracks closed for maintenance. To bring Oscar (Maltese-Shit..su) to the Vets (3rd time to Bellerive from Longford – 200k away) this time we decided to assume he will pass the final exam (after cruciate ligament/patella surgery) with flying colours and so will be more mobile than before. This meant we could take the caravan down to Cambridge (16ks outside Hobart and on the Bellerive side of the river) and spend some time in the Hobart area.

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