Week 2, 2018

Total for Week = 39 kilometres : Brompton.  Total for year = 154

Some time ago I tried to ride the Tasman Bridge and got there to find the cycle tracks closed for maintenance. To bring Oscar (Maltese-Shit..su) to the Vets (3rd time to Bellerive from Longford – 200k away) this time we decided to assume he will pass the final exam (after cruciate ligament/patella surgery) with flying colours and so will be more mobile than before. This meant we could take the caravan down to Cambridge (16ks outside Hobart and on the Bellerive side of the river) and spend some time in the Hobart area.

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Cycling in Tasmania and, maybe, beyond

This is the post excerpt.

Well, this year I will be continuing to aim at cycling 100+ kilometers each week.  In 2017 100k did not occur every week but it is good to have a target to aim at.

I think in modern parlance I have an aspiration – something that sounds good to tell people about but which you know you will not meet !  We shall see.