Two Magnums to Deloraine and back – an S36O.

The stars aligned, the weather was predicted to be windy (Spring in Tassie, why would it be otherwise?), trikes were ready, riders less so but off we go. Just one thing to be careful of – the UV rating is accelerating as we approach summer.

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S36O. Longford – Golden Valley – Longford

1 route. 2 days. 2 maps. 2 sets of different statistics. On day 1, Ride with GPS had troubles finding satellites but on day 2 it locked in after a couple of seconds. I believe the detail for day 2 to be the most accurate. This belief is enforced by knowing that the ride to Quamby Corner caravan park was a bit of a trial for us trike riders (more details later!). Uphill for a lot of the way, we also rode into quite a breeze. It felt a lot more than 434 metres of climbing. On Day 2 we descended 593 metres following exactly the same route – that would seem a more likely figure for the day 1 ascent. Unless there were some unusual geological changes overnight.

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