VRT – Beechworth to Myrtleford

And so to Myrtleford: Including a really pleasant downhill ride

Tuesday April 4, 2017, 47 km (29 miles) – Total so far: 493 km (306 miles)

The opening picture is the Rail Trail leaving Beechworth. An avenue of trees which have not started to turn yet. Imagine when they do in a week or two.

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VRT – Beechworth

Hanging around Beechworth: Let’s have a look at this historic town

Monday April 3, 2017, 26 km (16 miles) – Total so far: 446 km (277 miles)

Up early ‘cos a couple of very strident voiced walkers strode passed the tent well before sunup. I went to the laundry, put the phone on charge and washed the cycling gear.

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