July 2022 – upgrade to Bluey

The weather wasn’t too good for the start of July. Sometimes the days were nice – frosty to start then sunny and “warm”. There were a number of days that started frosty and foggy, sun poked out from the grey around midday before hastily hiding again. Then there were the rainy days. Not much fun.

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EOM June 2022 – EOFY

In Australia the end of financial year is 30th June. Gone are the days that the EOFY meant lots of work for me. A long time ago I worked for an American company is Sydney and the company EOFY was 31 Dec – which pretty much determined we worked over the Christmas/New Year holiday period. Then we had the Oz EOY to worry about. Thankfully retirement now means very little change to doing not much at all, so I can keep calm !!

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