VRT – Beechworth

Hanging around Beechworth: Let’s have a look at this historic town

Monday April 3, 2017, 26 km (16 miles) – Total so far: 446 km (277 miles)

Up early ‘cos a couple of very strident voiced walkers strode passed the tent well before sunup. I went to the laundry, put the phone on charge and washed the cycling gear.

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VRT – To Beechworth

Up to Beechworth: A climb and a bit

Monday April 3, 2017, 27 km (17 miles) – Total so far: 446 km (277 miles)

Today’s ride clocked in at 16 ks for the climb to Beechworth but then I pottered about town looking for an ATM and a bottle of red thus bring the total for the day up a bit. But it also climbed over 300 meters so not a piddling day’s ride. It proved to be one of the busiest days on the trails so far with many riders using two vehicles so they could start at Beechworth and ride down only. Four people did ride up, overtaking me easily.

A water tank containing rain water. Plus a heap of gum leaves and possibly possum s##t. So I made use of my water filter, cleaned it up and filled a water bottle. Tasted ok.
Obligatory rail trail picture. Actually the trail was very good with lots of cuttings to give it character. I am looking forward to going back down and, maybe, setting a personal speed record.

What is there to write about today really? It was a climb most of the way and for me this was mostly in bottom gear spinning comfortably making sure I was at talking speed. That is not puffed enough to be unable to speak. In this way asthmatics and COPD are not bothered. The downside is the scenery goes past quite slowly!

The famous Beechworth Bakery

Eventually the trail led into Beechworth. I know the town a bit but initially I could not recall the way to the caravan park. Finally I recognised a hotel in which Sue and I had a meal few years ago. Memorable because the Chef turned out to be a Southern Tasmanian.

Once that landmark was found I was able to navigate to the Lakeside CP easily. After a $15 bill last night, $60 for the next two nights was a bit of a wake up call.

Bicycle Life Challenge entry for this week :

Today was another day in the Bicycle Life Challenge 2017. Well, I had cycled a bit and I did find a local pie shop – the Beechworth Bakery. A famous establishment and, being Sunday, it was packed out. I had a Ned Kelly pie which seemed to contain just about everything one would want in a pie. I think I might have another tomorrow!

This area is renowned for it’s cycling and the caravan park is full of bicycles. Mostly families with parents wanting to get their kids into cycling. Good to see.

Lake Sambell – by the caravan park

A great evening signed off the day. Tomorrow I will have a look around Beechworth.